Ken Bradford, PhD ’89 to Present on the Spontaneous Play of Nondual Awareness at Science and Nonduality Conference in San Rafael, CA

Ken Bradford, PhD ’89 to Present Arising and Dissolving: Spontaneous Play of Nondual Awareness

Science and Nonduality Conference
October 19-23, 2011
Embassy Suites and Marin Center
San Rafael, California

This is an interesting conference for those of you interested in the progress of inquiry into bridging spirituality, natural science, and philosophy. Nonduality seems to reflect the need for human societies to un-do, transform, and re-join the paradigmatic split between science and religion.

What is Duality? Conceptual Definition:
Dualities are usually seen in terms of opposites: Mind/Matter, Self/Other, Conscious/Unconscious, Illusion/Reality, Quantum/Classical, Wave/Particle, Spiritual/Material, Beginning/End, Male/Female, Living/Dead and Good/Evil. Nonduality is the understanding that identification with common dualisms avoids recognition of a deeper reality.

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