Saybrook University Professor Eugene Taylor, PhD to Receive APA Division 32, 2011 Abraham Maslow Award

Eugene Taylor, PhD, Professor in the College of Psychology and Humanistic Studies at Saybrook University, is slated to receive the 2011 Abraham Maslow Award, given to an individual for an outstanding and lasting contribution to the exploration of the farther reaches of the human spirit, from the Society for Humanistic Psychology (Div. 32) in the American Psychological Association.

His award lecture at this year’s meeting in Washington, DC will be on Self-Knowledge as a Legitimate Method in Experimental Psychology. He is the architect of The New Existential-Humanistic Psychology at Saybrook, presented at this past January RC at Saybrook, and will next be showcased at the Chicago meeting of the Society for Humanistic Psychology in April.

From there, Div 32 will sponsor the new Existential Humanistic Faculty at Saybrook [Tom Greening, Kirk Schneider, Orah Krug, Ed Mendelowitz. Louis Hoffman, Amedeo Giorgi (on temp. leave), and Eugene Taylor] for a panel at the APA meeting in Washington, addressing the discipline of psychology.

In addition, Dr. Taylor has just been voted in as a Fellow in Division 32, a status afforded to only a few in each Division of the APA for their outstanding achievements to the field of psychology. These developments will identify Saybrook, along with its new Certificate Training Program in Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy, jointly sponsored with the Existential-Humanistic Institute, as a new center for Existential-Humanistic and Phenomenological Psychology in the United States.

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