Susan Tyburczy, PhD ’08 Presents Workshop, Spatial Experience in Dreams at the Center for Remembering & Sharing, NY, NY

Spatial Experience in Dreams, Dr. Susan Tyburczy, Sunday, April 3 @ 3 p.m.

This is the next IASD-NYC event, and we’ll be back at the Center for Remembering & Sharing (CRS)123 4th Avenue, 2nd FL. (off Union Square).

The focus will be an exploration of the space of the unconscious mind while dreaming, as reported to Susan by 28 dreamers in a research study that she conducted in fulfillment of requirements for her doctoral dissertation and degree in clinical psychology from Saybrook University. The dreamers reported spatial experiences in which they were on their own primarily in terms of density, position, and motion in space. They most often described those that involved other people and other living things in terms of distance, control, and containment in space. These and other research findings will be reported and discussed in relation to possible meaning, metaphysics, and psychology, as time allows. Susan’s insights are sure to be of value to all dreamers—and you’re encouraged to invite your friends who are architects, interior designers, dancers, theater producers…anyone who works with physical space.

There is no charge for this event. A small donation to CRS is optional.

Susan will be available to talk with Saybrook students about aspects of their academic journey after her presentation. If you would like to attend this event, please let Susan know you are coming: [email protected]

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