Saybrook Alumna Dana Klisanin, PhD ’03 Requests Your Help with a Survey for Information She Will Use At This Year’s APA Convention

Dear Fellow Saybrookians,

I am trying to collect information about the characteristics of people who “actively use the Internet to help other people, animals, or the environment” — aka cyberheroes [You might be surprised that you actually do qualify for this survey, when you see the questions. I suggest you give it a try. – George Aiken – Saybrook Director of Alumni Affairs]

In an attempt to reach my target population I started a “Cause” on Facebook’s “Causes” and posted a link to my questionnaire. Being a member of “Causes” is not a prerequisite to completing the survey, anyone who believes he or she fits the above definition is welcome to complete the survey. I will be presenting the results at the APA convention in August. As you know, the higher the population surveyed the more meaningful the results. Any help you can provide in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated.

Here are two links:

The first is a link directly to the survey.

The second is a link to the Cause I started (If you are already a member of Facebook or Causes and you want to check it out, it is a good way to help spread the word, but the most important thing anyone can do to help is to complete the survey—only of course if they believe they fit the description of the target population).



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