NeuroQuantology Journal – Call For Papers/Invitation to Publish

NeuroQuantology Journal – Call For Papers/Invitation to Publish

Dear Saybrook Faculty and Students,

Cheryl Fracasso and Stanley Krippner are currently putting together a special edition for the NeuroQuantology Journal that is focused on both “pioneers who have changed the face of science”, as well as “outstanding mentors and/or faculty members who are ensuring the future of science by training these new up and coming scholars”, and would like to invite you contribute either your story of working with this outstanding faculty member, or stories from the pioneers/outstanding faculty member themselves. This edition is targeted to publish in September 2011, with first draft deadlines of around July 15th or so.

Specifically, they are seeking 10-12 papers all together that are between 5-10 pages (up to a 20 page maximum) that overviews significant contributions this leader has made to the field, as well as how this leader has mentored, trained, or helped develop new up and coming scholars and/or colleagues. If you are interested in contributing, please contact Cheryl Fracasso directly at: [email protected]. More information about the NeuroQuantology Journal can be obtained at

Thanks everyone!

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