Meet Our Community: Ruthi Solari, MS Candidate in Mind-Body Medicine

6a0105369e3ea1970b0153908f8d85970b 320wi - Meet Our Community: Ruthi Solari, MS Candidate in Mind-Body Medicine My name is Ruthi Solari and I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CN). I am a part of the Fall 2010 Masters cohort at Saybrook University’s College of Mind Body Medicine.

One of my favorite aspects of Saybrook’s MBM program is the close affiliation with the Center for Mind Body Medicine (CMBM). The CMBM conferences were what initially inspired me to enroll at Saybrook for a more intensive learning experience in the field of Mind Body Medicine.

It was also after I attended a CMBM conference called Food as Medicine (FAM) that I was inspired to start a non-profit that is now my full-time job. The non-profit, SuperFood Drive, was founded in early 2009 to help get healthier foods into food banks to ensure that all people have access to nutritious meals.  Since its inception, SuperFood Drive has been tremendously successful in leading the movement towards nutrition banking instead of just (processed) food banking. We started by focusing on educating the general public about why it is important to donate nutritious non-perishables during food drives (for example, black beans instead of refried in lard, fruit canned in its own juice instead of syrup, and whole grain pasta instead of mac n cheese).  We are now working collaboratively with Feeding America and other national organizations, including government programs, to create a holistic implementation model that can be used to turn all food banks across the country into nutrition banks.

I am planning on completing Saybrook’s full PhD program, with an emphasis on health care systems.  My passion lies in empowering individuals and communities to live healthy, well-rounded, enjoyable lives. Often, systematic change is required to help facilitate this process. Saybrook’s MBM program offers an in-depth understanding of the many angles to be considered in the field of holistic individual and community health and wellness. Initially, I felt insecure that I was not already a nurse or psychologist, however I have learned that regardless of background, if you are inspired to be a part of the integrative health care movement, there is absolutely a place for each person to be involved and make a difference. Choosing to attend Saybrook’s MBM program is already a decision I know I will be thankful I made for years to come.

Today, I don’t see a dividing line between my daily life and that which I am learning at Saybrook. I run SuperFood Drive full time, lead holistic women’s mind body circles and trainings, and can most frequently be found at a local yoga class, farmers market, on a hike or making a green smoothie. I always knew that I wanted to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle for myself; now I get to also share tangible Mind Body skills with others with the merit of a professional training background. Today, I am grateful for trusting the process and taking the risk to follow my heart.  To all those considering this program: if you are inspired to live well and empower others, this just may be the program for you.



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