An Existential Poem: “A Single Case Study”

EEG Stage 1 - An Existential Poem: "A Single Case Study"
I am an electromagnetic burst …


I am an anomalous surge,

a bioelectromagnetic burst.

Study me with EEG topographic mapping

(a great advance over phrenology),

ferret out my subtle energies,

record the markers of my emotion,

sift my positive and negative ions

for signs of virtue,

and measure the build-up and collapse

of my electric dipoles

while I indulge my mood swings.

I’ll gulp down any placebo,

ignorant as I am of


When you’ve done with

the biofeedback stress profiling

please give me copies of the charts and graphs

to frame and hang over the fireplace

so on cold nights when my current flickers

I can remember who I am.


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