Alumnus Andrew Bonnici, PhD ’78 Releases New Newsletter

Alumnus Andrew Bonnici, PhD ’78 Releases New Newsletter.

Dr. Andrew Shugyo Daijo Bonnici, Ph.D.
Applied Meditation Psychology & Visceral Core Intelligence



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Andrew Shugyo Bonnici, Ph.D.
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At home and in the busy marketplace, the compassion and wisdoming of the whole Universe is constantly being revealed. In the midst of the discordant sounds and chattering voices of daily life, turn the light inward and intimately discern the deep and abiding silence and stillness of your core Self. Know that Vast Wisdoming penetrates the infinity of space and the three periods of time. Being wholehearted and mindful in each moment, clarify the sacredness and tranquility that permeates all passing forms, colors, and sensations.
When your body, mind, heart, and spirit are all settled into the seated Oneness of zazen-only, a wonderful human being is embodied and realized before thought and reason. Devotedly lingering in the felt sensuality and bright wisdoming of your core Self, embrace the still mountain and nourish the open and wakeful sky.
With dignity, faith, courage, and self-compassion arise to live the Way of deep listening and constantly blend with vast Oneness for the mutual benefit of self and others. With each step along this Ancient Way, clarify and embrace the deepening truth of your journey through life and death, just as it is.

Facing those things you dislike or seek to exclude from your awareness, see how they continue to arise. Observe how they enter the gate of consciousness and abide within your heart and mind without invitation or permission. Be wakeful not to inflect anger and judgment on yourself or your distressing guests.

Observe the beginning of uncomfortableness and your relationship to it as clearly and as openly as possible. Gently and compassionately restrain your reactive impulse to narrow your vision and diminish your sight through attachment to passing judgments, self-pity, blaming others, or self-condemnation.

Gather together all incongruous elements within yourself as a mother lovingly gathers her unruly and incompliant children. Once you have gathered them as your very own, nourish their inclusion, refinement and integration with self-compassion, mindfulness, and inner discerning wisdom. Let the noble seat of meditation, the settledness of your core Self, and your sincere deep listening be your guide.

Abide steadfastly in the precious body of zazen-only, for it is the True seated, upright and wakeful posture of an core Self in this Only Moment Body. Resting in the center of your lower abdomen and listening with the ten thousand pores of your whole body, feel the wisdom, dignity, and trustworthyness of your fundamental aloneness and sense your Infinite Companionship with all space and time. Honoring your basic goodness as a Human Being, endlessly arise from this True Place and practice compassion for both self and others.

When you sincerely practice the Way of deep listening through your Only Moment Body with total exertion, devotion, faith, gratitude, humility, and beginner’s heart/mind, the Vast integrity and mystery that penetrates everywhere is no other than your core Self. All this is called, “Listening deeply before thoughts of knowing, gaining, or attaining, living enlightenment is completely accomplished in this Only Moment Body right here and now”.

with blessings and gassho,

Dr. Bonnici
(Shugyo Daijo, Roshi)

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