My Last Poem

Sappho%20poem - My Last Poem

This will be the last poem I write
(please restrain your cheering)
until I‘m presented with
neurophysiological outcome research evidence
that they make a positive difference.
So far, writing them has wasted my time
and reading them has kept better men
from dong the world’s work.
This is unethical, unscientific,
and grounds for malpractice prosecution.
My liability insurance does not apply,
and the Board of Ethics lurks ominously.
Get used to dry prose
and be grateful that you will not be at risk
for what befell the duped readers
of Robert Frost
and his ilk.
— Tom Greening

Tom Greening is often referred to as the Poet Laureate of Huminastic Psychology.  Papers and poems of his can be found here

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