Alumna Myrna Araneta, Ph.D. ’09 Presented Paper at the People Management Association of the Philippines Conference, October 12-14, 2011

Alumna Myrna Araneta,Ph.D.’09 Presented: How can Leaders and Managers create an environment for People Engagement and Internal Change? at the:
People Management Association of the Philippines Conference
October 12-14, 2011

Drawing from business and new scientific (physics) research, this session unpacked these strategic questions:
1. Why leaders/managers need to engage the “same people” to do business differently in this global economy?
2. What is Employee Engagement, what is at its core?
3. Under what conditions do people become “engaged” (commit) to a course of change and action?
4. What is internal change and why this is needed to succeed in transforming our contributions to succeeding in this global economy?

Practical Implications for revising our current business paradigm that tries to change business outcomes by changing physical actions through reengineering, motivating employees and other means of optimizing processes or cutting prices of products may not be sufficient to get us the results we desire.

In this session, the urgency to embed this core scientific research into the heart of our culture was emphasized.

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