Position Available as Psychologist Research Coordinator University of Rhode Island

Psychologist Research Coordinator

South County Child and Family Consultants/LearningWorks for Kids is looking for a unique individual who can combine clinical, research and managerial skills. This will be a half-time position that combines conducting clinical work at South County Child and Family Consultants, joining our multidisciplinary research team and supervising a team of interns from the University of Rhode Island through LearningWorks for Kids. The position is ideal for a recent Ph.D who needs clinical supervision hours for licensure, would like to publish, and has an interest and expertise in education and business development.

The clinical portion of the job will consist of conducting psychological evaluations with children and working as part of a larger clinical team that develops recommendations for children with learning, attention, and executive-functioning difficulties. The clinical position will require basic familiarity with a range of psychological test measures, including the WISC-IV, WAIS-IV, and some common neuropsychological measures. Additional training and supervision in the area of testing will be available. Psychologists do not need to be licensed for this position, as they will be closely supervised by the clinical director of South County Child and Family Consultants. Weekly supervision by a licensed clinical psychologist will be provided in order to assist the person in moving towards licensure.

The research and managerial component is through LearningWorks for Kids, an educational consulting company that develops curricula for teaching children executive-functioning and academic skills through their involvement with video games and other digital technologies. This position requires good organizational skills, the capacity to multi-task, and excellent interpersonal skills. The research coordinator will supervise approximately 10 undergraduate and graduate students from The University of Rhode Island and become part of a management team that is taking LearningWorks for Kids to market. The successful applicant will need to have a level of interest and expertise in digital technologies. Applicants do not need to be avid video-game players but should be well-versed in using a variety of digital technologies, including cell phones, iPods, and the Internet. This is a great opportunity to join a very active research team in an emerging area of study, with numerous publication opportunities and possible evolution into a full-time position.

The research component will include participating in a series of studies that are exploring the role of video games and other digital technologies with children who have attentional, learning and social/emotional difficulties. We have 2 ongoing studies of assessment tools that have developed to examine executive functioning skills in children. We also have many ongoing projects that require data analysis and discussion to get them ready for publication and presentations.

Compensation for this position is in the mid $20K range based upon experience, degree, and hours. The individual selected for this position will also have an opportunity to have additional earnings through involvement as a start-up member of the LearningWorks for Kids team.

The setting: South County Child and Family Consultants/LearningWorks for Kids is located in coastal Rhode Island, approximately 10 minutes from the beach.

Visit our sites at: www.southcountychildandfamily.com and www.learningworksforkids.com.

Contact us: Applicants are asked to email a current CV and letter of interest to I. Randy Kulman, Ph.D. at [email protected].

I. Randy Kulman, Ph.D.
Clinical Director of South County Child and Family Consultants
1058 Kingstown Road, Wakefield, RI 02879

Interested parties should send a letter of interest and a resume to Dr. Randy Kulman at [email protected]

Randy Kulman, Ph.D.
President, LearningWorks for Kids
“Playing Smarter in a Digital World”
Office: 401-789-1553

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