Meet Our Community: Beth Haggett, PhD candidate in Mind-Body Medicine

6a0105369e3ea1970b0162fc42c41b970d 120wi - Meet Our Community: Beth Haggett, PhD candidate in Mind-Body MedicineOver 30 years ago as a 19 year old girl I told my husband that someday I wanted to get a PhD in Psychoneuroimmunology. When I heard Saybrook was starting a program in Mind-Body Medicine I was the first to apply. I am a Doctoral student in the Mind-Body Medicine PhD-Health Systems Track. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of Utah specializing in work with individuals, adolescents, and couples, using a variety of methodologies.

My tagline is “FEEL GREAT-LOVE LIFE” which is what I strive for in my own life and what I help my clients to accomplish.

I received my Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Walla Walla College in 1996. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  I have a private practice from which I have done Coaching, Counseling and Consulting, to corporations since 1999.  I have the advanced postgraduate “Master Personal and Executive Coach” certification through the College of Executive Coaching.  I have advanced training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Addictions, Crisis Intervention, Family Systems, Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy, and Personal and Executive Coaching and Mind-Body Medicine. 

I have worked as a consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach for corporations such as:  Hitachi, Oracle, VeriSign, Agile, Amdahl, RIM, and many others.  I develop curriculum and provide assessments and training for groups of Coaches and high level Executives. I have worked successfully with multi-national corporations, helping to create optimal corporate cultures and facilitate relationships between global teams. 

I have recently relocated to Midway, Utah where I enjoy hiking, riding my beautiful Azteca horse and spending time with my adult children and many friends. 

I use my Mind-Body Medicine training both with my therapy clients as well as in my corporate training. I also have many varied and interesting experiences outside of work in which I am able to utilize my training and education in Mind-Body Medicine. I find that I have a whole box full of skills and tools that I can pull out as needed. Mostly I find that I have gained a confidence and knowledge that allows me to jump in when needed and helps others sense they can trust and count on me.

Just yesterday a woman I know had to put her horse down because he was lame. She was extremely distraught. I was able to step in and assist her in calming down and centering herself and know she was making the right decision. She then asked me to be the one to facilitate the euthanasia because she didn’t feel that she could. I was able to very calmly take charge and then to sit and be with the horse while it was passing. Afterwards I was able to do some EFT with the horse’s owner and provide comfort and healing to her and her husband as well as to share some guided imagery that would help with sleep and healing from the grief. I often find myself in similar situations where people other than clients look to me for strength, for comfort and suggestions.

Most importantly, because of my learning, my own mental, emotional and physical health has improved dramatically since beginning the MBM program. My husband and adult children have also benefitted greatly from my learning.  It is a great feeling to know I am in the right place at the right time and to FEEL GREAT & LOVE LIFE.

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