Information from the Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA) on Available Trainings in Non-Violence

Here are a few groups that have done lots of training in nonviolence and could share a range of useful materials:
American Friends Service Committee offers training for a wide range of nonviolent campaigns and to help people considering participation in an act of CD. Here’s a link:

Pace e Bene nv center . . . has done the training for Nevada Test Site civil resistance among other things and have hundreds of more general trainings and have produced manuals used by thousands of groups. A recent training & manual of theirs is entitled Engage (you may have heard of a previous one, From Violence to Wholeness)

Training for Change:

Fellowship of Reconciliation, OR

ACT UP has gained a strong reputation for CD training; a link:

and there is a directory:

…a friend went one of the trainings this past summer for young people opposing the Marcellus Drilling. Here’s a link:

re civil disobedience training and legal support for university groups, and the importance of reviewing ones school’s code of conduct and student handbook to understand the rules of what can and can’t be done:

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