Please Sign Up for the Alumni – Student Mentoring Program Recently Initiated at Saybrook’s College of Psychology and Humanistic Studies

A Saybrook PHS Alumni-Student Mentoring Program that was proposed by the PHS Student Association and the PHS Alumni Association has been approved by the College’s Dean and Associate Dean, Drs. Robert Schmitt and Dan Hocoy.

To sign up for the program as a student, contact Student Association leader, Pearlette Ramos [email protected]

To sign up as an alumni mentor contact the Director of Alumni Relations and Saybrook Alumnus, Dr. George Aiken
[email protected], [email protected], or 415-394-5968

Mentor Roles/Responsibilities

The role of the Alumni Mentor will include the following:
• Serve as coaches to assist students with getting un-stuck (e.g., balancing
competing interests, managing difficult relationships with professors)
• Navigating communications with faculty
• Advising/getting through the essay and dissertation phase
• Serving as a clearinghouse of information (e.g., APA writing style, editing)
• Holding the bigger-picture of the educational process
• Providing career-oriented feedback/guidance
• Helping to get dissertations published
• Complement Saybrook’s internal advisement and mentorship programs

The role of the Student Mentee will include the following:
• Actively engaging with the alumni mentor
• Openly communicating with their mentor in order to seek advice, counsel, and resolution
of any known issues
• Attending all scheduled appointments with the mentor

Mentors and mentees will agree to have a minimum of 4 communications (via email, in-person, phone, Skype) during a calendar year.

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