Alumna and Saybrook Faculty Member, Linda Riebel, PhD ’81, Invites Alumni to Attend and Share about their Dissertation Process at RC Writing Workshop

The Authentic Voice: Balancing Person and Content

2-hour writing workshop, Linda Riebel

Probably to be held at the January RC, Tuesday January 17, afternoon (to be confirmed).

How does a scholar master a body of knowledge, apply research methods
that others have devised, and make interpretations in a rigorous manner
– while maintaining his or her own voice? How does one build on the
existing literature and contribute to knowledge? Defining one’s topic is
part of the challenge, since one must steer between the twin hazards of
reinventing the wheel (claiming to invent too much, not knowing what’s
already been done) and parroting/repeating the known (claiming too
little for one’s own contribution). In this interactive workshop,
students will first be briefed on these and other issues that confront
the developing scholar, and then join in brainstorming solutions to each
other’s writing challenges. Appropriate for those learning how to cite
and build on existing scholarship, and for advanced students preparing
their culminating projects, theses, or dissertations.

Saybrook graduates are warmly welcomed to attend this class (or part of it) and share the stories of how they found a topic and balanced all
these competing demands.


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