A call for Apple to make a conflict-free iPhone

I believe that other Apple customers want what I want: the world’s first conflict-free iPhone. That’s why I launched a campaign on Change.org asking Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, to commit to making an iPhone with conflict-free minerals from the Congo by Christmas 2013. In the five weeks since I launched my campaign, nearly 50,000 people from more than 75 countries have signed on in support.

Apple, if you’re reading this, please give my family and my people a chance for a better future by being a leader for a clean minerals trade in eastern Congo. Commit to purchasing minerals from my country, but do so in a way that benefits communities, not destroys them.

You’ve always shown you know how to think differently. Now it’s time to think conflict-free.

The ubiquity of electronic technology should remind us that the responsibility is to be shared, if there is to be collective benefit. Kristof (2010) notes with sad irony: “With throngs waiting in lines in the last few days to buy the latest iPhone, I’m thinking: What if we could harness that desperation for new technologies to the desperate need to curb the killing in central Africa?” (para. 2)

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