CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Psychology and the Occupy Movement – Synergies for Social Change

PsySR’s 30th Anniversary Conference: July 12-14, 2012 – Washington, DC

Conference Information:

We invite psychologists, researchers, students, activists, and artists to submit proposals for Psychologists for Social Responsibility’s July 2012 Conference in Washington, DC: “Psychology and the Occupy Movement: Synergies for Social Change.”

The Occupy Movement in the United States, inspired by the earlier Arab Spring uprisings in North Africa and the Wisconsin Movement, is using creative, nonviolent methods to decry inequities in our society. It is enlisting citizens from all walks of life to right injustices of wealth and power and to stop the use of violence to perpetuate these injustices. This 30th anniversary PsySR conference will explore the relationship between psychology and the Occupy Movement and the synergies this relationship can generate in the service of social justice. We will focus on three areas:

Critiquing Psychology’s Role in and Relationship to Injustice: Psychology itself plays a role in the inequities of power, money, and aggression. We seek to “occupy psychology” by addressing our own demonstrated potential for injustice in clinical, military, law enforcement, academic, and commercial settings, and considering countervisions to prevailing norms for diagnosis and treatment, professional ethics, and psychological research.

Broadening Psychology Toward Social Justice and Inclusion: A socially responsible psychology engages psychologies of liberation and indigenous psychologies, local and global advocacy, unjust practices and policies, participatory action research, and liberation arts.

Aligning Psychology to Support and Learn From the Occupy Movement: PsySR invites presenters to nourish psychologists’ imaginations regarding how their own skills, resources, and understandings can be used to support efforts for social and economic justice, dynamic peace, and sustainability.

We invite proposals in these three areas, and ask that each presentation include ample time for audience discussion. Proposals can be for multi-presenter workshops or symposia followed by group discussion; for roundtable discussions; for posters; and for other innovative and non-traditional formats that are uniquely suited to inspire and motivate activism for social change. Each session will end with conference participants identifying concrete action steps they can take to contribute to social change, based on the learning from the session.

To submit a proposal for a multi-presenter workshop, symposium, roundtable (60 or 90 minutes), or other innovative format, please send a 300-word summary along with the names and contact information for all participants; where appropriate, include a description of each participant’s contribution to the program.

To submit a proposal for a poster, please include a title, a 150-word summary of the research study or action project that is the focus of the poster, and the names and contact information for all participants.

Please indicate which of the three content areas the proposed session will address.

Proposals are welcome from PsySR members and from non-members, including community members, Occupy Movement activists, other activists, and students. All proposals will be peer-reviewed.

Proposals should be submitted via email to [email protected]. Submission deadline is March 25th at 5 PM, with notification of acceptance no later than April 30th. All participants will be required to register for the conference.

If you have questions about the conference proposal process, please contact Brad Olson at [email protected]. We look forward to your participation in this vital conference. Please join us.

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