In Memoriam: Jeanne Achterberg, PhD

It makes me so sad to hear of Jeanne Achterberg’s death. She was such a wonderful, generous, courageous spirit. I remember meeting her 35 years ago and being stunned by the intelligence and audacity of her research on imagery and cancer. When NIH opened its office of Alternative Medicine, Larry Dossey and I worked closely with Jeanne on developing the state of the art paper on Mind-Body Medicine; actually Jeanne did far more of the work with such skill and grace than either Larry or I. And then there were the times that Jeanne came to Macedonia and Kosovo with me and my team from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine-ready at a moment’s notice to put her gifts in the service of people who desperately needed and deeply appreciated her skill and commitment.

It’s been such a joy too to be with Jeanne at Saybrook, to see the intelligence and commitment she brought to her work with students, to feel us once again moving ahead together. I keep her spirit with me and feel her passion and love.

James S. Gordon, M.D.
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