Follow the DSM-5 controversy with The New Existentialists

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The New Existentialists, a Saybrook University-based website dedicated to promoting the work of the 21st century’s Existential Psychology movement, has added a new section following the controversy surrounding the DSM-5 … the so-called “Bible” of psychiatry.

“While the DSM has had a long history of controversy since its first edition was published in 1952, with various factions within the scientific community disagreeing over particular diagnostic criteria or psychiatric assumptions, the current conflict over the latest incarnation of the DSM is rife with disagreement and acrimony,” writes Dr. Donna Rockwell, in her introduction to the new section.

New articles from around the world on the DSM are now being stored on The New Existentialists, for review any time, along with Dr. Rockwell’s explanation of the issues behind the controversy.  It is updated regularly, to keep you on top of the issue.

The new DSM-5 section can be found on The New Existentialists here. 

Members of The New Existentialists have also published extensively on this issue, including:

For the new DSM’s consideration: “Pathologizing Personality Disorder.”
Grief is never “one size fits all”
Existentialism and the DSM-5: Humanizing Mental Health

So far, Saybrook University remains the only institution of higher education to sign a petition protesting the changes to the DSM.