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Saybrook University Student Challenge:
April 15-21 is World Creativity and Innovation Week
How will you use your creativity for good?

World Creativity and Innovation Week was established in 2001 to celebrate the unlimited potential of creativity, raise awareness that all people by nature are creative, and to encourage people to use their creativity to improve their lives, work, and community.

By starting a creative project, a “How are you creative?” conversation, attending or hosting a creative gathering, or taking on a personal or professional creative challenge, you could also be showcasing the extraordinary creativity of Saybrook students. We invite you to post your creativity projects and plans for the week in this blog’s comment section as well as:

How will you encourage creativity in yourself and others this week? What role does creativity play in your graduate studies? How would you like to see more creativity incorporated in higher education? Join the conversation.

Saybrook is serious about creativity…Offering M.A., PhD, and Certificate programs in Creativity Studies. WASC accredited, limited residency, distance learning university with a faculty of internationally recognized leaders in creativity research. Explore:


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