Integrative Medicine in Scranton Pennsylvania and on the Island of St. Maarten: Meet MBM Student Peter Amato

amato%20photo - Integrative Medicine in Scranton Pennsylvania and on the Island of St. Maarten: Meet MBM Student Peter Amato


            Peter Amato is passionate about the healing potential of integrative medicine, and takes an active role in the ongoing transformation of health care.  His passion is evident at his integrative wellness centers, Inner Harmony.  The original center is located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Peter’s hometown.  The other center is located on the beautiful island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean, Peter’s part-time home.  In addition to running two integrative healthcare facilities, Peter has recently expanded his work to collaborate with the Integrative Life Centers in Nashville, Tennessee (, and has authored a book, Soul Silence, a spiritually focused way to navigate recovery.  Deepak Chopra’s gracious endorsement graces the cover.

              The original Inner Harmony Wellness Center is situated idyllically on the campus of the Regional Hospital of Scranton (formerly Mercy Hospital).  The center has the reputation in the area as the place to go for those who want to receive lifestyle medicine in a holistic manner.  The team is led by a seasoned physician trained with a reputation for excellent bedside manners.  The entire staff is passionate about providing a multi-disciplinary team approach to health.  Over the years, the team has designed protocols for people who want to receive holistic treatment.  The protocols are rooted in mind, body, and spirit, and differ from allopathic medical models.  For example, the physician might refer a patient suffering from infertility to the acupuncturist.  Acupuncture has a high success rate in this area.  Other modalities include colon hydrotherapy, chiropractic services, therapeutic massage, nurse-practitioner wellness, and preventive care visits.


            The second center is located on St. Maarten.  Two European osteopathic physicians lead the practice and Peter offers Life Coaching, Nutritional Counseling, and Energy Work.  The center is located in the busy Dutch tourist section of Simpson Bay.  Peter’s clients often include locals, tourists, and boating crewmembers. 

            Peter is also interested in updating the paradigm of drug and alcohol recovery models.  Peter explained that the traditional 12-Step Recovery Program originally started in the1930’s.  Since its inception, the program has not updated its methods to allow for spiritual growth during recovery.  Peter views this as an opportunity to advance the power of mind body medicine and the pursuit of consciousness.  His approach offers a holistic and spiritually based recovery model and is received well by those seeking sobriety in a different manner.  Peter is currently collaborating with the Integrative Life Center (www.integrativelifecenter) located in Nashville, Tennessee to reach more people.

            To complement his devotion to Inner Harmony Centers, and his interest in expanding recovery models, Peter published his first book, Soul Silence (  The book has been described as part memoir, part guidebook, and offers insight into prayer and meditation as part of a recovery lifestyle.

            Peter also finds time to offer one and two day workshops, the Inner Harmony Approach, in a multitude of U.S. locations, and abroad.  He also owns and operates a 200 and 500-hour yoga school — the Inner Harmony Yoga Institute.  To date, 18 people are proud graduates, and are certified by Yoga Alliance to teach yoga “the Inner Harmony way.”  Peter is a man of passion and compassion, both innovative and encouraging.    


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