Saybrook University College of Mind-Body Medicine: Join us for the first day of our Residential Conference!

On Saturday, May 19th from 9:30am – 5:30pm PT, experience what it’s like to be a Mind-Body Medicine (MBM) student at Saybrook University. Join MBM students and faculty as we open our doors to prospective students to participate as observers in our Imagery for Health course. 

Taught by Director of Instructional Excellence, Lisa Kelly, PhD, and Director of Mentoring, Devorah Curtis, PhD,this course reviews the place of imagery and the imagination in traditional healing practices. Meet MBM faculty and staff, and talk with current students about their experience.

This event gives prospective students the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge on the mind-body medicine curriculum from MBM faculty, current students, and staff. An intergral part of the Saybrook experience, residential conferences allow MBM students and faculty to come together to explore and study exciting ideas in their fields of interest. Each conference offers exploration and enriched learning in a variety of topics.

We hope you can join us. To learn more and register, please RSVP HERE.



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