Social Transformation Concentration Conference Call for Prospective Students

JOEL%20F - Social Transformation Concentration Conference Call for Prospective Students


Saybrook University  provides many opportunities for learning about how to become a transformative change agent and social innovator, able to address the pressing social, political and cultural challenges of our times.

In this interactive conference call, Dr. Joel Federman, Director of our Social Transformation Concentration, will provide information about Saybrook’s programs in transformative social change, and engage prospective students in dialogue about their interests in this exciting area of education and activism.  He will also engage prospective students in dialogue about their interests in this exciting area of education and activism.

  • WHEN: Wednesday, May 30, 2012
  • HOST: Dr. Joel Federman

Social Transformation is currently a concentration option offered within the Psychology M.A. and Ph.D. degree program… The program provides flexibility in course scheduling and course subject matter, allowing students to focus on a specific topic or multiple topics for a broad plan of study. In the Psychology program, students may choose to have a concentration in Social Transformation by completing 9 units in that field at master’s level, or 18 units at the doctoral level.

Saybrook is developing a Ph.D. and M.A. Specialization in Transformative Social Change as part of the Psychology Degree Program, to begin enrolling students in Fall 2013.  In the 20120-2013 academic year, the Social Transformation Concentration in Psychology will still be available, and students can apply credits towards the Specialization, once it is available.

We also offer certificates in the following areas: Peace and Conflict ResolutionCommunity Health and Development and Building a Sustainable World, and we will be adding a Certificate in Socially Engaged Spirituality, beginning in Fall 2013.   

Dr. Federman’s research focuses on the global civil society efforts aimed at realizing values such as universal compassion, social justice and peace.   He is currently working on a case study of civil society activism toward democratic reform in Egypt, and traveled to Egypt in August 2011, and met with democracy activists and others

Graduates of transformative social change programs have impacted change through advancement in a wide array of careers, working with NGO and NATO peacekeepers in Kosovo, developing corporate-community partnerships to further environmental education, working in an innovative rape prevention program in South Africa, and teaching in the disciplines of Psychology, Sociology, and Peace Studies. 

Among other scholarship and financial aid opportunities, Saybrook offers a Community Leadership Scholarship, designed to enhance students’ contributions to society by supporting them in graduate study that explores new ideas and/or pursues innovative practices in their chosen professions. Scholarships are awarded based on a review of the applicant’s outstanding community leadership, academic merit, and demonstrated financial need.

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