Inspiration and the Sky

inspiration2 - Inspiration and the Sky
Inspiration and the Sky

Gotta testify, come up in the spot looking extra fly, For the day I die, I’mma touch the Sky” 

Kanye West, “Touch the Sky”


In life, we have no control over what inspires us. Inspiration can come from many different sources. I have been inspired by many unusual sources. When seeking inspiration, I often look to the Sky.  I look to the Sky for many reasons. 

In addition to being a metaphorical holding ground for the heavens, the Sky suggests dreaming, optimism, strength and a relationship with the atmosphere, a connection with the universe, an umbrella to all that is life.  That is inspiration. That is the Sky. 

As a dreamer, I look to the Sky as I search for a better place, not just for myself but also, as a place to join other misinformed, uninformed and ignored souls that dare to challenge the status quo. The ones in this Sky continue to defy the odds, march towards their goals and dream of success while wide awake. The characters in this Sky possess the vision required to see the evolution of life at warp speed, while embracing the moments within the moment, like this one…; the moments that had never happened before and will never happen again. This is done while guiding communities and inspiring legions they rarely see and may never, ever encounter. This is dreaming. This is the Sky. 

As an optimist I look to the Sky as a container of all things possible; a covenant for new endeavors and representation of the blank slate provided by life to craft sacred stories. I look to the Sky to be enlightened during the desolate times that often define our desires. Even when gray, the Sky provides reason for optimism; actually more at that time. The gray Sky represents a pantheon that gives pause to the unlimited region known as the gray areas. The land that allow us to consider “both”, “and” instead of “either or”. This is optimism. This is the Sky.

As a symbol of strength I look to the Sky as a steady force of refinement; a new way of considering life, a new way of living. This steadfast approach that highlights fortitude is often misconstrued as petulance however, the Sky knows, like the old wise men in villages, what the gods are whispering. The Sky uses its strength, power and coverage to hold these secrets, my secrets, your secrets in place via light via fragments of information from the healers, over 2000 seasons that bring forth our blessings. The Sky is in constant contact with the universe and muscles are being developed accordingly. This is strength. This is the Sky. 

While mourning the recent loss of my mother, when in need of an inspiration, I meditate and think deeply. When doing so, I look up to the Sky; it’s like an affirmation from mama, a drug, and think to myself, with my feet firmly planted on the ground;

“I’m, I’m Sky high,

I’m, I’m Sky high

I’m, I’m Sky high

Feels good to be home, baby! Feels good to be home!”

Respectfully Submitted by;

Mark Hatcher / [email protected] / [email protected]

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