MBM Doctoral Student Beth Haggett Sheers Sheep and Participates in Master Class for Psychotherapists in France

sheep%20shear - MBM Doctoral Student Beth Haggett Sheers Sheep and Participates in Master Class for Psychotherapists in France


[Linda Finlay, PhD, is a British scholar in reflexive and hermeneutical phenomenological research method. She is serving as a dissertation coach for Beth Haggett’s doctoral dissertation.]
Here is a photo of my day sheep-shearing in Normandy, France, with my mentor/research coach Linda Finlay. Had a blast shearing and worming the 70 plus sheep. The farmhouse was built in the year 1600. I am here for a Master Class of Psychotherapists from France, Brazil, Italy, Denmark and the UK. It was a Gestalt training/supervision/theory course, intensive and experiential lead by Dr. Ken and Joanna Evans. I did an experiential “Parent Interview” and was picked up and held by this wonderful group of brothers and sisters from across the world, who showed me such great love and acceptance! 
It was a pivotal and transformational experience. I am now in Paris for a week of sightseeing! 
I had lunch yesterday with my new friends from around Paris. We discussed politics, religion and matters of the soul with my limited French and their limited English. It was an interesting coming together and sharing from the heart that more easily occurs between therapists who have shared a transformational experience together (in the Master Class). 
I studied French in college and have always felt passionate about learning it for some reason. It seemed as though this was the reason for my earlier desire to learn this beautiful and passionate language. My dissertation is about the alchemical process that takes place in the mother who — having grown up in adversity — creates a loving experience for her children. When one grows up in adverse circumstances there is often a feeling of marginalization that one carries. This experience of being so completely loved and accepted by so many from all over the world seemed transformation for me in the sense that if I can be so welcomed and loved in this diverse group, I can belong anywhere … and recognize that my sense of belonging is within me.

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