Storying: Open the Door to Your Next Adventure

Screen%20shot%202012 06 13%20at%209.53.49%20AM - Storying: Open the Door to Your Next Adventure

Saybrook faculty JoAnn McAllister, along with organizational systems student Dennis Rebelo, will host a discussion at the Center for Phenomenological Leadership in Pawtucket, Rhode Island on Saturday, June 23rd, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Dennis, founder of the Center and JoAnn, Chair of the Human Science Program, will also share information on the training opportunities at the Center and graduate programs in Organizational Systems and Human Science at Saybrook.

How do you connect with another person? Does the story you tell showcase your character and your values? Does it inspire trust? Does it take you across the threshold to your next opportunity, next project, next challenge? Does it open the door to your future? Whether you are expanding personal and professional networks, seeking a new job, embarking on a new profession, or building a new business, how you tell your story is the key to success.

Telling our story to someone new, or a new story to people who already think they know us, is a challenge. Dennis and JoAnn will inspire you to pay attention to your story and offer some insights in how to tell a story that is authentically you and generates interest. With filmmaker Patrick West they are on their way to Montreal to share with scholars from around the world at the International Human Science Research Conference what they have learned about how we create our identity and express ourselves to others through story. Clips from Patrick’s award winning film, Hortensia, will illustrate these themes.

Join them for lively discussion and refreshments at:

Center for Phenomenological Leadership
1005 Main Street
Suite # 1101
Pawtucket, RI 02860
[email protected]

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