College of MBM Energy Medicine Residential Conference: MBM Students Learn about Human Energy Field, and Participate in Chakra Energy Assessment

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MBM Students Renee and Ramona Conduct Chakra Assessment


On June 11, approximately 22 students prepared to attend the residential component of their class on The Human Energy Field and Energy Medicine at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Bethesda, MD.  That morning the Hyatt suffered a power outage (an “energy crisis”) leaving hundreds of guests walking down several flights of stairs and missing some of the comforts that electricity brings, particularly the air conditioning.  Unfazed by the lack of electricity Associate Dean Dan Sterenchuk quickly responded and found an alternative location for the class.   College Chair Don Moss led a morning meditation and check-in on the mezzanine of the Hyatt, and then students proceeded to the new location and spent the day with Beverly Rubik, PhD, learning about some of the latest advances in Energy Medicine.  

Dr. Rubik is a leading scientists studying energy medicine; she has authored 70 scientific papers on the subject of distant healing.  Dr. Rubik presented many concepts to the group, including an introduction to the energetics and epigenetics of food and water, a timely and thought-provoking follow-up to the scientific nutrition information presented at the Food as Medicine conference.  During the day Beverly presented current research and understanding in energy medicine, a subject that could easily fill numerous days.  The class discussed fascinating information about biophysics, such as how the heart is the greatest emitter of energy, 100 times stronger than the brain in terms of magnetic field.  Dr. Rubik also confirmed that practicing meditation increases one’s vibration, a desirable state that is associated with increased contentment.  She discussed the field of biophysics and how energy from the hands of one can transfer information to another person.  
In the afternoon, two students, Renee and Ramona, conducted an energy medicine experiential.  Renee and Ramona are Healing Touch practitioners.  Ramona led students in a 10-minute mantra session that increased the energetic frequency in the room and brought students into intentioned coherence prior to the chakra balancing demonstration led by Renee on a fellow student.  The student agreed to be the recipient for energy healing and as she lay on a massage table, other students covered her with colorful scarves that added warmth and peacefulness to the demonstration.
Renee began the demonstration by using a large white quartz stone to assess each of the student volunteer’s seven chakras (energy centers in Ayurvedic medicine).  If the stone moved in a clockwise manner that suggested that the chakra was open.  A counter-clockwise rotation was suggestive of a less open state.  Ramona carefully took notes, recording whether the quartz moved clockwise, counter-clockwise, or remained still.  After the assessment and healing technique were completed, students surrounded the volunteer and sent intentioned healing energy, while Renee and Ramona performed a closing aura balancing ritual.  Later Renee and Ramona conducted another assessment to determine whether the energy healing had successfully shifted the volunteer’s chakras. This second assessment showed significant shifts and normalization of the energy in the seven chakra areas.
At the end of the demonstration the volunteer slowly sat up and expressed how grateful she was to be the recipient for such positive healing energy.            

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