World Mental Health Week and the International Network of Integrative Mental Health

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October 7-13, 2012 is World Mental Health Week.  The aim of World Mental Health Week is to educate and increase awareness about mental illness and mental health needs worldwide.  This year’s World Mental health Week is a good time to consider lending your personal and professional time and energies to promoting integrative mental health care world-wide.  Consider joining the International Network for Integrative Mental Health (INIMH).

The INIMH  is a professional organization dedicated to promoting an integrated whole person approach to mental health care via education, research, networking and advocacy, by bringing together the wisdom of world healing traditions and modern science.  The goal of INIMH is to re-animate the mental health field with energy, spirit, compassion and joy. INIMH is committed to serving the goal of working towards the cessation of human suffering.

The INIMH is committed to creating a community of integrative mental health professionals and opportunities for nurturing personal and professional connections.  INIMH promotes evidence-based CAM therapies and the judicious use of modern pharmacotherapies for the betterment of mental healthcare.

Four Saybrook figures have been active in INIMH. Carol Veizer, a PhD student at Saybrook, is the treasurer and a Board member of INIMH. Chanel Helgason a member of the Saybrook University MBM faculty, is co-chair of INIMH. The late Jeannie Achterberg, Saybrook faculty, was a member of the INIMH Advisory Board, and Donald Moss, Chair of the College of Mind-Body Medicine, continues to serve on the Advisory Board.

Learn more about the INIMH by visiting its website at  Student membership is available at a discounted rate of $50.00 per year.

The latest INIMH Newsletter contains up to date information on research in integrative mental health including clinical trials on the use of Omega-3 with Citalopram for major depression, and a Cochrane review assessing the use of exercise for depression. The Newsletter also lists upcoming conferences on integrative mental health.  The September newsletter can be found at:



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