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The Change Agent provides cutting edge resources for teaching social issues, powerful student writing that inspires discussion, and many ready-to-use lesson plans, all oriented toward a multi-level audience. The Change Agent is a biannual magazine for adult educators and learners published since 1994 by the New England Literacy Resource Center at World Education. It was conceived as a tool to educate and mobilize teachers and learners to apply advocacy skills in response to impending federal funding cutbacks for adult education. Members of the Saybrook community may be interested in contributing material for publication, including articles, interviews, or lesson plan activities.

Now well established as a unique publication within the adult education community, The Change Agent continues to promote social action as an important part of the adult learning experience. Each issue explores a different social justice topic through news articles, opinion pieces, classroom activities and lessons, poems, cartoons, interviews, project descriptions, and printed and Web-based resources.

Our mission is to provide a low-cost teaching resource that inspires and enables adult educators and learners to make civic participation and social justice part of their teaching and learning.

The Change Agent is always looking for good material. They seek news articles; poetry; stories; opinion pieces; interviews; book and video reviews; and other writing for each issue. They strive to publish materials that are accessible to adult learners. Suggested page length is 500-1200 words. If you’d like to contribute something to the paper, check the Call for Articles on the website. Lessons that teachers have successfully used in the classroom are especially important. They also print write-ups of activities in which teachers describe how the activity worked, how students responded to it, and ideas for taking the activity further. Contact the editor with questions.

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