Saybrook President Contributing to Huffington Post

Saybrook President Mark S 0 - Saybrook President Contributing to Huffington Post

Saybrook University President Mark Schulman, PhD, has been invited to join the Pulitzer prize-winning Huffington Post, contributing blog posts to the College News section and sharing Saybrook’s unique perspective on education, science and the politics of higher education.

President Schulman’s began blogging for the Huffington Post in June 2012 with a passionate call to action for other universities to demand the American Psychiatric Association reconsider its changes to the upcoming Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM5). From that auspicious beginning, Schulman has used his monthly post to cover topics as far ranging as the Penn State scandal to the recalcitrance of scientists to even consider the efficacy of “alternative” medicine.

President Schulman encourages Saybrook students and faculty to join the conversation!

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