School of Mind-Body Medicine Students Explore Authentic Leadership and Research in January, 2013 San Diego Residential Programs

Blog%20photo - School of Mind-Body Medicine Students Explore Authentic Leadership and Research in January, 2013 San Diego Residential Programs
Ellyn Hutton Participates in Expressive Arts Activity in Leadership Seminar


Residential Conferences are an integral part of the Saybrook University School of Mind-Body Medicine experiential learning model.  The RC’s are a meaningful place for students to connect with the Mind-Body Medicine community and dive deeper into their coursework.  The January 2013 RC in San Diego included two courses, Intermediate Hypnosis MBM 5625 and Coaching for Health and Wellness MBM 5630, and two optional programs, Authentic Leadership: Leading from Within and a Research Seminar

Terri Goslin-Jones PhD, a mentor at Saybrook, facilitated the Authentic Leadership seminar.  During this seminar the participants used creativity, appreciative inquiry, and “witnessing” to create a leadership vision for themselves.  Each participant created a poster or small cards by using magazine photos, yarn, color, and anything that was meaningful for them to represent their exploration towards leading from within.  In addition, the group explored Appreciative Inquiry, which uses powerful questions and focused listening to gain a deeper understanding of oneself and another person.  Below are some reflections from students who attended the seminar. 

“I am still enjoying my learning and exploration from the Authentic Leadership Seminar.  It went beyond the discovery of my leadership skills to my hopes and dreams as a leader.  The exciting thing about participating in an experiential workshop is that the learning continues for a long time!”  (Francinne Lawrence, Fall 2011 cohort, PhD)

“Terri created a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment to allow me to reflect on what it means to lead with authenticity.  I enjoyed exploring my leadership values by using pictures, color, images, and appreciative inquiry.  Each method helped me to further my vision as a leader.” (Maureen Molinari, Fall 2010 cohort, PhD)                                                                                                                               

Students also had the opportunity to attend a research seminar.  Many of the tools and presentations from the seminar are available on the MBM Research Resources course shell.  Please be sure to review these valuable tools for research and writing that Connie Corley, PhD, Director of Research, posted on the course shell.  If you are approaching the research phase of your academic journey, or you are unsure of which research method fits your topic, consider the following reflections from students who attended the Research Seminar.

“Attending the research symposium was useful and believe it or not enjoyable. Learning about the different research methodologies and being able to ask questions and consider how my inquiry might best fit into them was extremely valuable. Meeting the faculty and getting to experience their ideas and input was amazing.  It was also an opportunity to see what some of my fellow classmates are doing and share ideas and information. I was not required to go to the RC but chose to go to the Research Symposium and am so glad that I did. It helped me reconnect and breathe some life into my process of completing my pilot study. I highly recommend attending!” (Stephanie Shelburne, Fall 2010 cohort, PhD)

“The research symposium was a perfect opportunity to really look at our topic of interest. It helped me to begin the process of really looking at the different methods of qualitative research and to begin to see what would work best for my interests. It actually led me down a path to investigate narrative methodology, but after researching, I’ve been able to see that this would not be the best fit for my topic. The symposium helped me to hear what everyone else was doing and to become more inspired about research and publication. The faculty and student presenters were amazing. I thought that each one helped us to consider different aspects of the research equation. It’s a great way to stay connected, especially when you get to the phase in the doctoral program when you are no longer required to attend RC’s.” (Michelle LaMasa-Schrader, Fall 2010 cohort, PhD)

“The seminar provided an overview of several key methods currently employed by Saybrook students. As a presenter, it was a wonderful format to present less frequently utilized methods, a welcomed context to try out ‘presenting,’ as well as deepen one’s knowledge through active Question & Answer.” (Angeline Siegel, Fall 2009 cohort, PhD)


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