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We live in a time when any human emotion is seen as “treatable” by drugs;  a time when organizations are desperately searching for ways to better organize and sustain communities; a time when the potential of new technologies for social transformation seems boundless, but is so far untested.

We live in a time when the world needs humanistic psychologists, organizational change agents, and new medicine.  Now more than ever.

After 40 years, Saybrook University remains the intellectual home of humanistic scholarship.  But are we doing enough?

Every year hundreds of potential students who want to change the world knock on our door, only to discover that the cost of the graduate education they need – an education that they cannot get anywhere else with the same level of quality – is beyond their reach. Saybrook does not have enough scholarships to offer all the aspiring students of humanistic psychology, organizational systems, human science, and social transformation.

For 2013, we’re doing something about it.  Will you join us?

Saybrook’s annual appeal for 2013 is focusing entirely on scholarships:  on making the vital education we offer more accessible to potential new students. 

Every level of support you can offer will help new students and support your favorite program at the same time. 

It will be wonderful if you can give $25.  Larger donations:  $50, $100, $250, increase the power of our academic community exponentially.  Each gift will also help attract larger donations and grants. Every gift will help in many ways.

Make a secure donation now:  click here to go to the Saybrook website, and ensure that humanistic education remains vital at Saybrook.  We’re hoping you’ll help. 

Donate now.

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