Humanistic Partnerships Make us Stronger

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Dear Saybrook Community:

Our university has always been made stronger by forging well thought out partnerships with other institutions.

Whether that has meant connecting with individual scholars who are leaders in their field to serve as thesis advisors or contributors to our scholarly blogs, or connecting with educational institutions such as the Jung Center of Houston, the Academy of Counselors Japan, and the Universidad del Sur in Chiapas, working with partners who share our values improves our ability to serve our students and supports our mission in the world.

You’ll see evidence of that in this newsletter, announcing a Memorandum of Understanding with Osaka University, in Japan, and an affiliation with the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback to offer a cutting-edge continuing education courses in psychophysiology.

We are a better, stronger, academic institution for these partnerships.

Saybrook University’s Board continues to look for new ways to improve both our academics and student services – and we have been approached with numerous offers for partnership.  We look at them closely, and perform due diligence on those that match our values and mission.

At this moment we are considering an affiliation agreement with TCS Education System (TCS), a nonprofit, higher education institution dedicated to impacting communities through professional education.  Partnership with TCS would offer us additional support and resources to sustain and advance Saybrook for the long-term.  It’s an exciting opportunity, one we’ve discussed with faculty and staff, and we’re in the process of performing due diligence – and making sure that our values are closely aligned.  (If you’d like more information about this current potential partnership, please feel free to contact me directly.)

I hope you’ll agree with me that our connections to scholars and institutions around the world make us a better university;  I believe we are seen as such a desirable partner precisely because we have developed our culture of humanistic scholarship and practice, rather than following the herd.  We are a unique voice in psychology, in medicine, in organizational systems and human science – and the strength of that shows, again and again.

All the best,


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