Dr. Ruthann Russo to Address “Health Informatics and the Future of Healthcare” in School of MBM Videoconference

ruthann russo lg 0 - Dr. Ruthann Russo to Address “Health Informatics and the Future of Healthcare” in School of MBM Videoconference
Dr. Ruthann Russo


School of MBM Videoconference with Ruthann Russo, JD, PhD, MPH, on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 5:30 PM Pacific

You are invited to join Saybrook School of Mind-Body Medicine Chair Donald Moss and the Health Care Systems Specialization faculty for a presentation by Dr. Ruthann Russo.  Ruthann Russo, PhD, MPH, JD, L.Ac., was a healthcare attorney and CEO of several health information technology development and consulting firms for 20 years. She has worked extensively with healthcare systems, academic medical centers, and physicians to develop patient-centered documentation and communication practices.  She has written eleven books on these topics and has presented these concepts for many healthcare professional associations. She has taught health information technology at the City University of New York and Nova Southeastern School of Osteopathic Medicine. 

Seven years ago, she decided to begin the second half of her life in the field of integrative medicine.  Since that time she has become a licensed acupuncturist, certified health coach, and yoga teacher.  Her integrated health skills have found a home currently in the Health Care Systems track of the PhD Program in Mind-Body Medicine (MBM) at Saybrook University, where she is a second time doctoral student and serves as a teaching fellow.  She has recently accepted a position with New York University Medical Center’s Department of Integrative Health Programs where she will be leading their acupuncture practice.  Her dissertation research is addressing the use of MBM-Based workplace wellness programs in corporate America.

Dr. Russo will give a presentation on “Health Informatics Presentation and the Future of Health Care.”  Health Informatics is now a required course for students in the Healthcare Systems PhD specialization at Saybrook.  The increasing role of information technology within the healthcare system is emerging quickly.   Implementing patients’ electronic health records (EHR) has its advantages and challenges, and the system needs competent consultants to successfully streamline these complex processes. This presentation seeks to increase the awareness of the specific challenges and suggest potential solutions.  Ruthann will address the increasing role of information technology in our healthcare system and its impact on patients, providers, and healthcare managers.  The following topics will be discussed:

• Five goals of the HITECH Act and its impact on healthcare quality
• Responsibility of all healthcare providers to comply with the meaningful use requirements of the electronic health record (EHR) by 2015
• Use of the Internet and telemedicine for patient care
• How to ensure everyone in the system develops a use of information technology that is harmonized with patient-centered care

This program will be interactive and will offer participants a chance to ask questions and further the discussion.   

Call-In Information: Please call 866-283-7550 for an audio connection. Then turn on your webcams and use the URL below to make the Adobe Connect videoconference connection.


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