Mallory Rowell, Master’s Student in Mind-Body Medicine, Combines New Marriage, Research Job, Fitness Training, and Graduate Study

leaping - Mallory Rowell, Master's Student in Mind-Body Medicine, Combines New Marriage, Research Job, Fitness Training, and Graduate Study
Mallory Rowell on the Beach


Mallory Rowell completed her BS degree in Psychology from Ohio State in 2010, and although she knew that she wanted to complete an advanced degree, she was unsure of her path.  One day as she was perusing the APA academic listings she came across an advertisement for Saybrook University, School of Mind Body Medicine.  She was immediately attracted to the advertisement and that led her to attend an introductory call hosted by the department chair, Dr. Don Moss.  After the introductory call Mallory recalls her elation at finding this program, “It felt like everything I was looking for and didn’t know what to call it.  Saybrook combined my lifestyle and academic goals all into one.”  In the fall of 2013 Mallory began classes to complete her MS in Mind Body Medicine.

Mallory’s journey at Saybrook coincided with several significant life changes.  In September of 2013 she got married, began graduate study, changed jobs, and moved back to Columbus, Ohio to start her new job.  When asked how she maneuvered this balancing act she credits the Mentor Program at The School of Mind Body Medicine, and her mentor Kari Allen-Hammer.  Mallory expressed that having a mentor gave her the strength to get through the difficult times.  When she was initially assigned a mentor she was unsure what to expect, and often asked for academic guidance.  Over time, as her relationship with her mentor developed, she began to look to Kari for advice and support for personal and academic issues.  Mallory remarked that Kari took the time to talk with her about the strain of graduate school on her personal life and provided her with support to navigate some of the challenges.  Mallory acknowledged that the relationship with her mentor has been amazing, “I don’t know if I could have done it without it.”  Mallory reflected that if she had been in a graduate program that did not have a mentoring program it would have been much more difficult to stick with.

Mallory ‘s career is in research, previously working at Wright Patterson Air Force Base where she focused on standards of acuity and color vision for pilots.  She compared data sets to determine if the current protocols are good predictors of pilot safety.  Mallory’s currently works at Nationwide Children’s Hospital as a Clinical Research Coordinator.  Her responsibilities there include helping her colleagues develop research protocols that meet regulatory standards. 

Although her spare time is limited by the demands of graduate school, Mallory makes time to attend Cross-Fit classes.  Cross-fit, she explains, is like a club.  The other students become your friends and expect to see you at your daily workouts.  The combination of fun and challenging classes, social support, and accountability keep her engaged in her fitness and self-care routine.



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