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424 - Aphrodisiac Nutrition

Delahna Flagg is a professional chef and full-time student pursuing a Master’s degree in Mind-Body Medicine.  Delahna is passionate about aphrodisiac nutrition and intends to combine

Food – Love – Relationship

as a way to ignite passion and self-awareness, and elicit a higher sense of consciousness for the people that she works with.

Delahna’s fascination with the cultural and sensual implications of food began while she studied at the University of California, San Diego.  With the support of her professors, and some creativity on her part, she achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy with a focus on the history of food.  By studying subjects such as Greek mythology, she was able to look deeper into the impact of food availability, differing eating habits, and how those pieces related to different romantic lifestyles.  She learned that cultures sharing community meals not only had the ingredients for healthy and delicious meals, but also the tools to foster more sensual lifestyles, and sometimes better moods. 

Delahna will teach cooking classes for couples on Valentine’s Day.  During her class couples will slow down and consciously prepare, cook, and taste food as a way to appreciate their food and one another.  One way that she intends to foster that connection is to have couples feed one another.  “By feeding one another, people slow down to appreciate the qualities of food, such as texture and mouth-feel, and in doing so couples take time to experience one another.  Simply eating a baguette becomes a sensuous experience!”

Delahna’s passion is to bring truth to the subject of aphrodisiac nutrition by dispelling myths and validating truths through scientific study.  Delahna explains some of that truth. “Part of our libido is controlled by our sense of smell.  People tend to be attracted by another’s scent. For example, a person who eats spicy foods is likely to find a mate that has a similar diet.  Food odors are exuded and detectable on the skin.  In essence, you sniff out your significant other!”

To learn more about aphrodisiac foods visit:

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