Mind-Body Medicine in Our Lives: Char Conlin Uses her Mind-Body Skills at Motor-Vehicle Accident Scene

photo 3 - Mind-Body Medicine in Our Lives: Char Conlin Uses her Mind-Body Skills at Motor-Vehicle Accident Scene
Char Conlin


One of the many strengths of the Saybrook University School of Mind-Body Medicine is applying what we learn academically to our professional and personal lives.  As a community — including students, faculty, staff and our loved ones — we continue to experience the full spectrum of life, from birth to death and all of the joys and sorrows in between, as we pursue our individual dreams.  As a group we have the capacity to learn from one another and also to connect, share, and possibly collaborate.

This ongoing blog intends to explore how we use mind-body medicine to traverse the landscape of life.  Read, write, and share your stories as ‘we’ continue to build a community of healers.

In this blog entry, Char Conlin, PhD candidate in mind-body medicine, shares her pivotal experience of accepting her role as a mind-body practitioner.

“I really did know what to do….”

“It was a stormy, rainy, and overall gloomy ride that early evening as I slowly made my way to my favorite Zumba class. In a flash that caught my eye, two cars on the other side of the road crashed and flipped in what felt like a slow-moving movie.

I quickly pulled my car over and ran to one of the upside down cars. Trapped inside was a woman who was screaming. A variety of things went through my head including ‘what the heck do I do?’ but thank God, she actually ‘showed me.’ 

As I tried to get closer to her through the cut glass scattered all around, I heard her take a deep breath. That’s when I knew what to do to help her… I took her through a brief mindfulness breathing exercise and talked to her until the emergency personnel arrived.

It was in that moment and in that particular situation that I knew and understood the power of Mind-Body Medicine techniques… and, that I could indeed be a practitioner instead of just a business person!”

By sharing and learning from one another our intention is to foster additional connections.  Please share your experiences with [email protected]

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