Managing the globally networked organization (part 2)

Piazza%20Webinar%202 - Managing the globally networked organization (part 2)

Successful managers in virtual organizations say that it’s not about the tasks – the first priority is building relationships on the team, so that it can function like a team. So that people aren’t afraid to offer innovative ideas or criticize bad ones. So that team members will know someone has their back.

How do you do that in a virtual environment – especially if you’re working with teams that span the globe?

That’s the question Dr. Charles Piazza takes up in part two of his recent webinar, “Managing the Global Letwork Organization:  Strategies for Engaging Dispersed Teams.”

See Part 2 here

(See part 1 here)

Dr. Piazza is the director of Saybrook’s MA in Management, specializing in Global Workforce Collaboration.  Keep reading the Rethinking Complexity for more insight on 21st century leadership.

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