School of Mind-Body Medicine instructor, Dr. Stephanie Shelburne, and the Bohemian Mojo Project

stephanie%20collage - School of Mind-Body Medicine instructor, Dr. Stephanie Shelburne, and the Bohemian Mojo Project

Stephanie Shelburne, Ph.D., in rural England

“The whole day had an illicit feel to it. Stephanie and I felt like a couple of city types in search of hooch from an illegal still during the days of prohibition. We were in the lush green pastures and hidden valleys of the county of Somerset. It wasn’t booze we were looking for but a commodity that’s much harder to find these days. We were hunting for raw milk.” That may sound like the opening lines of a detective novel but don’t be fooled. It’s the start of a Bohemian Mojo adventure.

What do old world blacksmithing, adventures in raw milk, and freakishly fun foraging have to do with Mind-Body Medicine? “Everything,” says recent Saybrook graduate Dr. Stephanie Shelburne.  Dr. Shelburne has found that “disconnection seems to be a major contributor to our current health crisis. We seem to be inundated with influences that take us farther and farther away from understanding how to keep our bodies, minds and spirits well.” Enter the Bohemian Mojo Project. What’s Bohemian Mojo? Well, Stephanie and the MojoMakers think it’s something like pixie dust for vibrant and vital living, only so much more.

It all started on a random vacation to England. While meandering through tiny village roads, Stephanie couldn’t help but notice and appreciate a recognizably slower pace of life. As a mind-body medicine and holistic nutrition practitioner, and a hardcore “real food” foodie, she was also enthralled by how many people in the rural areas spoke about their connection with the land and their food. She was inspired to know more. By listening to various stories and conversations, Stephanie realized that although she could feel the energy in the land and in the food she ate; she could also hear a lament in many of the chefs, farmers, and other craftspeople she met. The murmurings of worry about the growing disconnection and apathy to food, art, and craft, all of which seemed to be resulting in imbalance and ill health for the land and its inhabitants. When Stephanie returned to the U.S. she began listening with new ears and she realized she could hear a similar lament. She felt compelled to act. Using the knowledge gathered from her coursework through Saybrook’s MBM program, she began to craft an idea, a project, a way to invite people back into connection with themselves, the land, their food, their way of living. Slowly the Bohemian Mojo Project began to take shape.

BMP’s mission is to inspire, inform and stimulate change through a variety of educational venues; adventure travel, retreats, workshops/classes, documentaries, short films and educational videos, as well as writing and research. The BMP core values are grounded in a commitment to the well-being of the planet and all its inhabitants. Every adventure is designed to promote the values of good living, good food, and good community.  Stephanie and the other MojoMakers (find out more about each of them on the website) hope to inspire participants to reclaim the essence of old world tradition and use them to create healthier, happier 21st century endeavors.

When people come on a Bohemian Mojo expedition, they can count on feeling more alive, more vibrant and more connected with their entire being. You can read about the various adventures and learn more about how to reclaim your own sense of vitality by visiting: