Making our mark: New visual identity connects Saybrook’s holistic legacy with a clear path forward

A new chapter awaits. Saybrook University is about to undergo a transformation that embraces our humanistic legacy with a bold vision for the future. Working with our Marketing Department at TCS Education System (TCS Ed System), we collaborated on a new visual identity that embraces our core mission, values, and personality. Starting this month, we will begin a gradual rollout of this new visual identity on our current website, Student Gateway, and other materials, culminating with the launch of a new website in Spring 2016.

Although visual identity is important, it is just a small part of telling our story. As we begin this new chapter, remember what brought you to Saybrook in the first place, the connection that you shared with a community striving to bring about substantive change towards a more just, humane, and sustainable world.

Let’s this opportunity to share with others the impact that Saybrook has had on your life. This is our story. Let’s write it together.

Research and reflection

As a starting point, our TCS Ed System Marketing Department conducted research and focus groups with prospective students and alumni, reviewed Saybrook’s existing publications, and consulted with colleagues for added perspective. This extensive research informed our decision to develop a more holistic identity for our university, leading to a logo and visual elements that point to the human mark and the world that lives around us.

Forging a new path

After considering several options developed by TCS Ed System, we are proud to reveal the new logo for Saybrook University:

Saybrook Logo Color Pantone - Making our mark: New visual identity connects Saybrook’s holistic legacy with a clear path forward


A striking symbol of human expression, Saybrook’s new logo pays homage to our roots with the most human mark of all— the hand-written signature. It alludes to the impact that we all strive to make on the world.

The dark blue pen strokes almost appear black, emphasizing the complexity and richness that can inhabit even the most seemingly modest places. The stark red lettering in the word “university” that underlines the signature is a reminder of Saybrook’s boldness, ready to confront and challenge the status quo and lead the way to progressive solutions to today’s problems. In addition, Saybrook’s new color palette and support graphics are inspired by the system that every human being inhabits and shares—the natural world—reminding us that we are all part of a global community.

This new visual identity conveys what we know to be true about the Saybrook community–we are a community of seekers that exist slightly outside of the lines and are motivated by the desire to tread new pathways that inspire, evoke and shatter conventions. Please help us celebrate Saybrook—past, present, and future—and let us forge this new path together. You can connect with us on Facebook or Twitter and President Long is always open to hearing your feedback.