Study abroad in Austria: Now accepting applicants

Discover an education unrestricted by geographical boundaries during our Spring semester study abroad program at Krems University, Austria. The “Global Leadership, Networking, and Cultural Intelligence in Context: Examination in Austria” course provides online and in-country learning opportunities, including meeting with European scholars and professionals via participation in IMC Krems University’s Business Week.

Through interactive face-to-face and virtual learning activities with a range of European professionals, this course provides opportunities for students to network with international business experts while developing useful skills for their professional careers, including:

  • Critically devising global business operations in light of their historical, economic, political, and social contexts.
  • Managing distributed teams using technology to create dynamic virtual “workplaces” where people meet and engage with each other
  • Establishing collaborative workplace environments that draw upon the strengths of diverse cultural worldviews, their approaches to leadership, work relationships, problem-solving, and professional ethics, and their lifestyles and sense of recreation
  • Envisioning equitable economic and sustainable business models and practices

The world’s organizations operate as ever-evolving distributed networks in a global arena. As business professionals, managers are consistently challenged to strategically engage a highly talented and culturally diverse workforce; as ethical professionals, global leaders and managers are called to be civic global citizens who aid organizations to be active responsible global community members.

Don’t miss your opportunity for first-hand insight into the dynamic world of global business operations.

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  • Contact Jennifer Fullick, Senior Director of Global Engagement, at [email protected] or call 312-467-2566