Author: Daniel Pitchford

Moving From Cultural Relativism to Cross-Cultural Values


William Ellis’ 1825 sketch of missionaries preaching. Where does identity come from? Are you a product of your culture, or are you an independent moral agent? There is a constant tension in the world between the concept of “culture” and the concept of “universal human rights.” How can both be respected when they conflict? The… Read more »

Why Resilience Is Not the Key to Preventing Military Suicides

I recently read an article on the Huffington Post regarding how military suicides have doubled from June to July 2012. I was interested in the responses of the military to this epidemic that makes “them” responsible for creating these losses, which now total more than those lost in the current wars. One quote caught my… Read more »

Rethinking Treatment Strategies for Suicidal Soldiers


Many veterans and soldiers of combat (around the world) become lost into traumatic experience, never fully returning to what may have been former selves, ways of being, and ultimately, a lost sense of meaning and relatedness. Finding no sense of meaning after having to see comrades die, killing another human being, or even being continually… Read more »