Author: Dennis Rebelo

Minding Maslow & Other Lessons on Enlightened Management

In August, I had the pleasure of presenting with Chip Conley, founder of Joie de Vivre Hotels and author of Peak: How Great Companies Get their Mojo from Maslow. Chip’s latest book, Emotional Equations, has been translated into 11 languages and dashed to the top of the New York Times best seller list this past… Read more »

When Thinking Transforms into Learning

Momentum in manufacturing happens if the marketing “stars” align and the bullwhip effect has been tamed. For those folks unfamiliar with bullwhipping, imagine the complexities of obtaining the raw materials for a jewelry manufacturing process, client backlogs from demand, wholesaler management and inventory distribution, and retail sales. Now, imagine that the upsurge in demand keeps… Read more »

Selective Teaching: How Social Class May Influence What Children are Taught

In the U.S., our appreciation for a college education operates much like a simple casual loop reinforcing the belief that work toward a college education will eliminate barriers. In his 2004 book Limbo: Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams, Alfred Lubrano notes the social pains of class mobility. You see, moving towards an educated “self” creates some… Read more »

Rethinking Family Relationships Within the Business Context

This week, I hosted a conference call with Saybrook professor Dennis Jaffe, which led me to rethink the most muddied and, perhaps, top-of–the-totem-pole thinking: family relationships within the business context. During my conversation with Dennis this week, I had an opportunity to visit his 2009 book on family stewardship, Stewardship in Your Family Enterprise: Developing… Read more »

Re-Looping to Add Conversations?

Rare is the time to chat in our workday, don’t you think? The other day I sat with Brian, my organization’s director of educational services, and Kelly, our enrollment coordinator. We engaged in something unusual: a casual, unstructured conversation in the workplace. The topic was something particularly jazzy to those of you born to build… Read more »

(ONE)+ = (YOU + ME) LOVE

Momentum in manufacturing happens if the marketing “stars” align and the bullwhip effect has been tamed. If you work in supply chain management or recall your MBA days, maybe you remember the Near Beer study? provides not only a wonderful explanation of the conundrum framed by the study but also offers a nice (but… Read more »

Penske: Changing the System Dynamics of Auto Retailing

Roger Penske may have been the communitarian entrepreneur who spearheaded the transformation of Detroit for the last Super Bowl seen played on Michigan soil, but his real credit ought to be given to him for assisting a “shift” in the auto retailing world. You see, Penske has applied a systems lens to the interconnectivity of… Read more »

Systems of Nothingness

January in New England makes it hard to visualize the muddy turf of a baseball field after a spring thaw. But, after speaking with a group of parents recently, spring training for children’s baseball starts as early as December up here with batting practice and other weekly regiments. Teaching children the proper sporting techniques in… Read more »

Incredibly Loud & Dangerously Unclose… to Being Human?

Just before New Year’s Eve, I dashed to Maine to watch the private premier of the film Incredibly Loud and Dangerously Close. The film’s scheduled for national release on January 20th, but I got my exclusive sneak peak courtesy of my friend, Alex Libby, who helped director, Stephen Daldry, do research for the film by… Read more »