Author: Diane Blau

What Is Your Question?


Taking the opportunity to read a women’s magazine recently while on a long flight, I was struck by the title of the Editor’s column “What’s Your Question?” (Lesley Jane Seymour, More Magazine, May 2014). The editor was reporting on a conference focusing on women’s issues at Duke University, and specifically on a presentation, “The Heart… Read more »

The –Pop”


Conference attendees at the poster session. The Division 32/Society for Humanistic Psychology Conference at Pacifica Graduate Institute at the end of February reminded me of a conference catch phrase from the previous conference in Pittsburgh in 2012. A talk on community concluded with the idea that humanistic psychology seems to have all the right ingredients… Read more »

The Future of Existential Psychology: A Necessary Pause


Photo by Hans Hillewaert. Each day, most of us awake to a cacophony of internal and external commotion. Thoughts race in our heads with a list of activities to be accomplished by day’s end, partnered by an acute awareness of the limits of time. Confronted by breaking news from breathless reporters, the pinging of urgent… Read more »