Author: Jacqueline Gunn

Running Towards Consciousness


Mile 21 of the New York City Marathon. In discovering self-consciousness, Descartes proclaimed “I think, therefore I am.” To explain the experience of self-consciousness in such a manner presupposes that the mind and body are separate. This however, remains to be seen and is a constant debate within philosophical circles. Are the mind and body… Read more »

Normal Truths


I have decided that the word normal ought to be removed from the dictionary; or perhaps the definition changed or clarified. Being normal, I have concluded, is an existential hazard. It is a soul-killer. So who makes the rules of normality? And why are they held as fundamental truths? The consideration of normality is contextual;… Read more »

Soaring to Our Potentials


I am the human embodiment of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. We even have the same initials—JLS (Jacqueline Lisa Simon—before I was married). When I read about Jonathan’s life in Richard Bach’s bestselling book, I imagine how freeing it would be to have wings that can fly. I could literally pick up and go anywhere I wanted…. Read more »