Author: Jan Spencer

In a Shrinking World, Technology Spurs Collaboration and Innovation

Collaboration has gone global and high tech. Businesses can now choose from 1D, 2D, and 3D collaborative tools.  But which is right for the project you have at hand?  Do you want a simple event scheduling resource—such as Meeting Wizard—or do you want employees to have 3D avatars who meet in a customized digital environment? … Read more »

What the Fortune 500 Can Learn from Rural Islanders

Old traditions can be innovative.  As I contemplate the meaning of inter-organizational collaboration, I am reminded of stories I have read and heard about St. Helena Island, South Carolina, the place where I now live. It’s the kind of place ignored by management gurus and corporate boardrooms;  it’s also the kind of place they could… Read more »

Creativity: What an Office Cubical and an Artist Studio Have in Common

Creativity in the workplace. I remember hearing that phrase for the first time and wondering, how can that be?  It seemed a conundrum. At the time I believed that creativity could only be expressed in the work of artistic people. Creativity was the expression of unique ideas and the workplace was a place to do… Read more »