Author: Jason Dias

The suicide problem


Agency power withdrawal. Americans are increasingly enraptured with the right to die movement. Kevorkian did his time for assisting suicides, and we overwhelmingly think his actions were righteous. More recently, a brain cancer patient elected suicide after her wedding. That term, no fewer than a dozen of my students did tearful presentations on her case…. Read more »

Writing as activism


The first World Congress on Existential Psychology is coming up, in London, England. The editor oft New Existentialists, a certain Sarah Kass, has made sure our blog and our writers are represented there. Our topic of conversation: existentialism, writing, and activism. I feel out of place helping to represent the cause or representing causes. All… Read more »

If only more white people were black


Muzafer Sherif in the 1950s and again in the1960s demonstrated that contact is the cure for bigotry. He introduced artificial bigotry between two groups of boys by segregating them and having them compete against one another; he then erased the bigotry by having them work together to solve a common problem. The United States has… Read more »

Seeking a friend for the end of the world: A review


Just in case you value such things, spoiler alert. Although what I have to say shouldn’t actually come as much of a surprise. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is an end-of-the-world movie in which the world actually ends. There are actually a number of complicated love stories in this romantic comedy… Read more »