Author: Liz Schreiber

Understanding domestic abuse can prevent it


For many, it’s a shame filled secret—for society, an emotionally deadly epidemic. It’s happening at record numbers—and its effects are nothing short of catastrophic. Affecting millions each year, intimate partner violence, commonly referred to as domestic violence, is the invisible wound of so many—and the toxic result of love gone wrong. It’s the silent reason… Read more »

Keeping the human in psychotherapy


“Cartesian Theater” image by Reverie “Thought is the blossom, language the bud, action the fruit behind it,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson.  More than a century later, psychological research continues to echo these very same sentiments: language has a profound impact in developing a facilitative therapeutic relationship. No one knows this better than humanistic psychotherapists and… Read more »

Why should we care? The need for a renaissance of empathy


A 17th century text describes the need of kings to be kind It’s as vital as a morning cup of coffee….It’s the lifeblood of relationships. And, studies say, it’s quickly becoming extinct where we need it most. Empathy and philanthropy are becoming a thing of the past concludes a new study in the journal Current… Read more »

Psychiatry and clinical psychology have failed. Here’s how we do better.


This has been a bad week for mental illness. According to the New York Times, five of the current ten “personality disorders” will not be included in the next publication of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  The most controversial to be cut is “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” – the “Malady of Me” disease!… Read more »

The treatments for anxiety can be much, much, worse than the “disease”


Epidemiologists suggest that some eighteen percent of the American population struggles with anxiety each year. Does that make you nervous?  What makes me nervous is that that BigPharma is handing out little white pills to deal with this problem … and instead of helping anxiety, these pills are funding the vacation homes of corporate executives…. Read more »

We’re not so crazy: fight psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry for your mind


According to epidemiologists 30% of Americans will be diagnosed with a mental illness in 2011. That’s disturbing enough, but this is also the year when the definition of what a so-called “mental illness” is could change.  You could be mentally ill right now – and if the pharmaceutical companies get their way, you certainly will… Read more »

Are antidepressants accomplices to school shootings?


Do you know that the perpetrators of some of the most notorious school shootings in the world were on antidepressants? No?  I din’t think so.  Most people don’t.  It doesn’t get talked about very often.  But in fact Cho Seung Hui, the shooter in the Virginia Tech massacre in Blacksburg, Virginia was on antidepressant medications…. Read more »

Emotional identity theft – the psychological challenge of the Facebook era


Have you been a responsible citizen of the internet and used Facebook’s highest privacy settings?   Too bad, because Facebook has recently admitted privacy leaks in many of their applications – including their top 10 most popular. All told, some 70 percent of Facebook users are at risk for identity theft.  The risk for emotional identity… Read more »