Author: Nathaniel Granger

Sex in Humanistic Psychology and Psychotherapy


Auguste Renoir’s “Lovers.” “Sex in humanistic psychology and psychotherapy: A community roundtable and discussion” evoked a sense of mystery within myself as I explored the thought of sexual attraction towards clients within the scope of humanistic psychology. Each member of the panel, chaired by Shawn Rubin, and consisting of Louis Hoffman, Heatherlynn Hoffman, Kristopher Lichtanski,… Read more »

An Existential Approach to Microaggressions


Etching by Adi Holzer (1997). The interest in theory and research pertaining to racial microaggressions is booming, yet it rarely gets mentioned in the existential literature. This, I believe, is a problem that needs to be rectified. I have written numerous articles arguing for the need for greater attention to diversity issues in existential psychology… Read more »

The Future of Existential Psychology: Fear the Boogie Man, Not the Negro


Photo by New York World-Telegram and the Sun. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1967, just months prior to his assassination, addressed the American Psychological Association (APA), encouraging social scientist to take a more humanistic approach to understanding the effects of racism and segregation on African Americans by leaving the laboratory for the hedges and… Read more »