Author: Shawn Nichols

Individuals and Human Systems: Searching for Knowledge Between the Disciplines

I walk in two worlds though neither is home. My work and education are based in and on human systems and psychology. I’m drawn to both for a sense and deeper understanding about when, how, and if people connect.  The energy from groups has been a positive reinforcement for me that people co-create and deliver… Read more »

Theorizing on the Role of the Individual within an Organization

Individuals create social societies wherever they go, according to several organizational theorists of the late 19th and early 20th century. Douglas McGregor, for instance, created his ABC theory regarding attitude, behavior, and consequences to illustrate the importance of the individual within working groups and the effect upon successful output. Abraham Maslow reminded us that motivation… Read more »

The Challenges of a Budding Organizational Consultant

As a newcomer in the field of organizational consulting, I have the advantage of being either the naively arrogant child who declares the emperor has no clothes! or the person who comes from a foreign land and is forced to quickly confront the differences in the visible and communicated culture. When I decided to change… Read more »